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Your participation in this stellar event will provide a wholesome, recreational & cultural experience while motivating the mind, body and soul.

The Throwback Reunion is actively seeking new business alliances with revenue sharing opportunities that coincide with the demand of additional cities interested in the Throwback Reunion coming to their market. In an effort to accommodate this demand, the foundation is seeking partnerships for upcoming cities as well as cities in which The Throwback Reunion is already established. We would greatly appreciate an opportunity to meet with you to discuss this potential partnership in its entirety.

The purpose of the Throwback Reunion is to provide affordable fun at the adult level while offering educational platforms from which the general public can come and retrieve life changing information as it relates to Health & Wellness, Technology, Family Intervention, Financial Literacy, Professional Career Building and Workforce development. The Festival partners with professionals / institutions that specialize in the above mention categories to provide complimentary service and or information to those who have an interest in elevating their life style. The Festival also provides contributions to various community resource agencies with a particular focus on battered women and children.

The method of promoting the Throwback Reunion is to celebrate cultural attractions combined with national entertainment at low ticket pricing in order to reach the capacity of the Park which in turn guarantees an audience from which we can introduce empowering information.


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